Insuring Your Luxury Vehicle

At Roark Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of vehicle insurance solutions to drivers in and around Flatwoods, KY. We’ve got you covered, from vintage cars to everyday vehicles, delivery trucks to luxury sedans. For those with a preference for high-end luxury cars, below are some tips to ensure adequate coverage.

Incorporate Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

With the average price of a new vehicle now exceeding $40,000 and luxury cars often classified at over $100,000, it’s critical to include comprehensive and collision coverage to handle expensive repairs or replacement costs.

Consider Uninsured and Under-Insured Motorist Coverage

If you own a luxury vehicle, you can obtain extra peace of mind through uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance, which expands your coverage in the event of an accident with a driver who has inadequate or no insurance coverage.

Specialty Insurance for Exotic Cars

Exotic or supercars are typically high-performance, limited-production vehicles often capable of top speeds near or exceeding 200mph. Some insurance companies specialize in covering these supercars, so consider such providers should you possess such a rare gem.

Obtain a Quote for Your Luxury Car Insurance

While luxury cars might appeal for their superior engineering, enhanced safety, and posh comforts, maintaining them and their insurance come at higher costs, primarily due to expensive repair or replacement components and their allure to car thieves. As a result, luxury cars generally have steeper insurance rates compared to average vehicles.

Whether you already own a luxury car or are planning to purchase one, Roark Insurance Agency can help you secure the coverage you need. Contact us for a review of your car insurance and a free quote. We’re more than happy to assist anyone in the Flatwoods, KY, area.

What Auto Insurance Is Required for Teen Drivers in Kentucky?

When your child just has a sweet sixteen party, you might want to celebrate by getting their driver’s license and giving them newfound freedom with a car. This rite of passage is a common source of questions for many of the parents who have auto insurance policies through our office at Roark Insurance Agency in Flatwoods, KY.

While it can be confusing to navigate getting your teenage driver on auto insurance, there are a few guidelines and laws that you can follow to ensure that your teen is properly insured and safe.

What Auto Insurance Is Required for Teen Drivers in Kentucky?

For all drivers in Kentucky, liability insurance is required in terms of auto insurance policies. In certain cases, a single-limit policy may be permitted as a substitute as long as it meets the requirements for coverage. 

When your teen driver has a beginner’s permit, you don’t need to add them to your policy yet, since you will be in the car during all of their driving excursions and logging the hours of practice. At this point, it doesn’t hurt to start looking into how adding your teen driver to your policy will affect rates, coverage, and other matters.

Once your teen moves onto an intermediate permit, you will need to add them to your policy, which should meet at least the minimum requirements of this state. At this point, your teen will be driving independently at times, so it makes sense that the laws need them to have coverage of their own. 

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