What to Look for When Insuring a Classic Car

Importance of Classic Car Insurance for Flatwoods, KY Drivers

If you’re a Flatwoods, KY resident and the proud owner of a classic car, you understand how precious these vehicles truly are. Regular auto insurance often falls short, failing to provide the expert protection such unique vehicles demand. You should consider insuring under a classic car insurance policy, which includes specific protections tailored to your classic car. Here’s what makes these policies different:

Storage Coverage

Often, classic cars spend more time in storage to shield them from external elements and maintain their pristine condition. Investing in a policy that provides storage coverage might safeguard your vehicle against fire, theft, and other risks, irrespective of its storage location, even when you’re not driving it.

Discount for Low Mileage

Since classic cars aren’t driven as regularly as traditional vehicles, their usage results in lower mileage – and a decreased risk of accidents. Opt for a policy that offers a low-mileage discount, leading to a substantial reduction in your premium.

Coverage for Full-Service Towing

Full-service towing coverage ensures safe and secure transport in a vehicle breakdown situation. This feature typically includes flatbed towing, which adds additional protection and care for your classic car.

Coverage for Specialized Parts

One hurdle in maintaining a classic car is acquiring the right parts, which may no longer be in production. Insurance that includes coverage for specialized parts can assist with sourcing and purchasing these elusive components.

Secure your Classic Car with the Right Insurance

Owning a classic car is more than possessing a vehicle, it’s cherishing a piece of history. Contact us at Roark Insurance Agency today. Our knowledgeable team has assisted countless Flatwoods, KY drivers in insuring their vehicles. We are ready to ensure your classic car is well-protected.