3 Benefits of Flood Insurance for Kentucky Homeowners

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3 Main Benefits of Flood Insurance

There are many benefits that come with having a flood insurance policy protecting your property. Here are just a few of them!

Peace of Mind

There’s a lot to be said about enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is protected in the event of a flood or damaging stormwater. There are a number of policies available for your consideration. 

Expanded Water Damage Coverage

Most homeowners’ policies provide limited coverage when it comes to water damage. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of heavy rainstorms, it’s worth looking into the available flood policies that are available. 

Multi-Structure Protection

With the range of policies that are available, you’ll be able to also protect additional structures on your property. This means that sheds, workshops, and storage buildings can also be covered by some flood policies.

If you’re not sure if you need flood insurance to protect your property, your local insurance agent can help. Now’s an ideal time to review your entire insurance portfolio to ensure that you have the coverage you need. There are many advantages that come with carrying a separate flood insurance policy to protect your home.

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What type of life insurance should I get in Kentucky?

There are many important forms of insurance for people in the Flatwoods, KY area to obtain. A type of coverage that continues to be very important to have here is life insurance. This type of coverage is important as it ensures you are able to provide financial support for your dependents.

There are different types of life insurance to consider when you are searching for a plan:

Term Life Coverage

One type of life insurance to consider when you are in this part of Kentucky is term life insurance. This type of coverage will offer life insurance protection for the entire term of the policy, which can range up to 25 years or longer. An advantage of term life insurance is that you can build a plan to specifically meet your needs in terms of coverage and premiums tend to be more affordable than other options.

Whole Life Coverage

You should also consider getting a whole life insurance plan. While this type of insurance tends to be more expensive, it does offer financial advantages beyond the standard life insurance. When you make payments into this policy each month, it will grow with interest. Eventually, you are able to liquidate the cash value of the insurance plan, which can make it a great investment option for you as it is also lower risk than other options.

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You should always consider getting a life insurance plan when you are in the Flatwoods, KY area. If you are looking to get this type of coverage in this area, you need to call our team with the Roark Insurance Agency. Our professionals with the Roark Insurance Agency will help you carefully assess all options at your disposal so you can build a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

How workers compensation insurance can protect your business and your employees

Workers’ compensation insurance from Roark Insurance Agency is a must for any business that employs staff. It provides crucial protection for both the business and its employees in the event of a workplace injury or illness here in the Flatwoods, KY area.

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs associated with an injury, as well as lost wages if an employee has to take time off work to recover. This can be incredibly beneficial as it ensures that your employees are taken care of if they are injured or suffer an illness at work while also protecting your business from expensive medical bills and lawsuits due to workplace accidents.

For employers, workers’ compensation insurance can help reduce their exposure to costly legal claims, ensuring that the business is not exposed to unnecessary financial risks. Workers’ compensation insurance can also help businesses comply with state regulations regarding employee safety and health, providing peace of mind that they are taking steps to protect their staff in the event of a workplace incident.

Overall, workers’ compensation insurance is essential for businesses of all sizes that employ staff. Not only does it provide financial protection for both the employer and employee in the event of a workplace injury or illness, but it also helps ensure compliance with state laws and regulations relating to employee safety and health. With this type of insurance, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything you can to protect both your staff and your business.

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How Home Insurance Mitigates Risks to Your Family

Taking out home insurance is a must. For one, many mortgage lenders will require homes to be insured as it protects the assets that the mortgage is tied to. Home insurance provides many other benefits as well and can reduce the risks you and your family are exposed to. If you’d like to explore home insurance policies, contact  Roark Insurance Agency, serving Flatwoods, KY and other areas nearby.

Before looking at specific ways home insurance can protect families, it’s crucial to keep in mind that what is and is not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy can vary a lot. It’s crucial to read the fine print of any insurance policy closely.

Some Ways Home Insurance Can Protect Families

Insurance policies are designed to reduce the risk of accidents and other incidents. If a tree falls on your home, the repair bills could quickly reach into tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. Many families will struggle to recover after such events but insurance may pay for the damages.

Insurance policies are designed to protect against relatively rare events. Trees fall on homes, yes, but many homeowners will go their entire life without suffering such a catastrophe. However, those unlucky homeowners that do have a tree fall on their home stand to lose a lot.

Home insurance policies may protect homes from many things, including burst pipes, hurricanes and other weather events, home fires, and break-ins.  Some home insurance policies will also provide coverage for things like dog bites. In some cases, dog bites that occur off of the homeowner’s property may also be covered.

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Once again, however, it’s crucial to read specifically what is and is not covered by any insurance policy you’re considering. If you’d like to explore home insurance policies, get in touch with Roark Insurance Agency, serving Flatwoods, KY and folks who live nearby.

What Auto Insurance Is Required for Teen Drivers in Kentucky?

When your child just has a sweet sixteen party, you might want to celebrate by getting their driver’s license and giving them newfound freedom with a car. This rite of passage is a common source of questions for many of the parents who have auto insurance policies through our office at Roark Insurance Agency in Flatwoods, KY.

While it can be confusing to navigate getting your teenage driver on auto insurance, there are a few guidelines and laws that you can follow to ensure that your teen is properly insured and safe.

What Auto Insurance Is Required for Teen Drivers in Kentucky?

For all drivers in Kentucky, liability insurance is required in terms of auto insurance policies. In certain cases, a single-limit policy may be permitted as a substitute as long as it meets the requirements for coverage. 

When your teen driver has a beginner’s permit, you don’t need to add them to your policy yet, since you will be in the car during all of their driving excursions and logging the hours of practice. At this point, it doesn’t hurt to start looking into how adding your teen driver to your policy will affect rates, coverage, and other matters.

Once your teen moves onto an intermediate permit, you will need to add them to your policy, which should meet at least the minimum requirements of this state. At this point, your teen will be driving independently at times, so it makes sense that the laws need them to have coverage of their own. 

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To find out more about how our auto insurance policies could help you feel more secure when your teen driver is behind the wheel, call our office at Roark Insurance Agency in Flatwoods, KY today!