Types of Motorhome Coverage

A motorhome is a combination of a home and a vehicle. The insurance that you need for one is a little different from regular auto insurance. However, it also has many similarities. A lot of the coverage types are similar to the types of coverage in auto insurance. It’s important to have several types of coverage in your motorhome policy to keep you protected against a wide range of risks. To get started with your policy, call us at Roark Insurance Agency in Flatwoods, KY. 

Vehicle Insurance

Because your motorhome is part vehicle, it needs to be insured against accidents. Your motorhome policy should have at least liability coverage so that an accident can be paid for by the policy. When you have bodily injury liability coverage, your policy can pay for the medical bills that another party has after they’ve been injured in an accident. You should also have property damage liability in your policy. This pays for another party’s property damage after you’ve been involved in a wreck with them.

Both of these coverage types are mandatory to have for your motorhome. They’re also good for your peace of mind. With this coverage, you are less likely to be sued after an accident because the other party can get the amount they need from your insurance company. 

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Getting your policy should also include getting both collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive covers your motorhome when you aren’t driving it. Much of the time, the motorhome will be off the roads, and a lot can happen to it there. You also need a way to cover your own property damage after a wreck. This protection is available as collision coverage. You’ve invested a lot in your motorhome, so be sure to have this coverage. 

Get Motorhome Insurance

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